Boxer’s Mom jumps in ring to fight

All is fair in love and… boxing

Now, this one is a real oldie but goldie. The fight between the former British light heavyweight champion Tony Wilson and Steve McCarthy held in 1989 became a part of both boxing history and boxing folklore due to its unpredictable finish, which turned into a kind of barroom brawl. But let’s start from the beginning. McCarthy was looking strong with a record of 9-0-1, he bore the Southern Area light heavyweight title and seemed to claim the national title.

McCarthy’s ambitions became obvious in the start of the third round when he knocked down Wilson. The video shows what happened right after that – Wilson got stuck in the corner and McCarthy deployed a large-scale offensive operation. Adrian Morgan who refereed that fight, kept an eye on both not to miss the moment when Wilson’s stamina comes to an end. And then the mayhem started.

A woman, who suddenly appeared in the ring, was Tony Wilson’s mother. Seeing her son’s disastrous situation the lady took her shoe, broke the ref’s resistance and landed a good one on McCarthy. Wilson’s corner man climbed onto the apron, so McCarthy thought that the bout was over.

What’s most funny and ridiculous is the outcome of the fight. After Mrs. Wilson was escorted from the ring, McCarthy refused to continue fighting due to the injury inflicted be the lady’s shoe. The bout was not restarted and the referee ruled Tony Wilson the winner by TKO. Yeah, it always is a bad idea to give someone a good beating in that someone’s mother’s face.