Unlicensed boxing knockout

That would have been an undisputable stoppage in MMA

Chris Bacon could easily build his reputation in judo, wrestling or MMA as he started mastering the art of Judo in his native Australia in late eighties and particiated in the Olympics in Barcelona in 1992 as a member of the Australian national team. Later he started a pro wrestler’s career in Japan which ended with a record of nine wins and no losses. His MMA experience, however, was not so impressive as he fought three times, scoring a single draw and two losses. Finally Bacon moved to Manchester, UK, where he started training as a boxer. Today he has a WBF European Super Cruiserweight title but he also took part in six unlicensed events under the EBF (European Boxing Federation), winning all six bouts via TKO.
One of these victories happened in December 2008 in Liverpool where Bacon was set to fight Vinny Lopez at Christmas Cracker 08. Bacon unleashed a barrage of left-right punches and finally dropped his opponent face down to the mat. Be it an MMA clash the fight would most likely be stopped by the referee as Lopez looked out of this world even after he got back on his feet. However, the referee started to count for Lopez and when he got to ‘eight’, he allowed Vinny to continue. Honestly, the ref didn’t look too sure about his decision, neither was Lopez, but what’s done is done – a second after the break Lopez was knocked out unconscious and dropped in the referee’s tender arms.