Black belt accidentally chokes out BJJ instructor at the seminar!

Her reaction is simply priceless!

Ryan Hall is an American black belt and instructor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu known for a great number of competitive achievements. He has world, European, Brazilian and North American champ titles on his record – it seems there’re not many people who could equally compete against Hall, not talking about defeating him. Now, what could happen with a martial artist like that at an ordinary BJJ seminar? In fact, Hall got choked real fast and what’s even more crazy is the fact that the one who choked him didn’t notice it until it was too late.

BJJ black belt Valerie Washington was going to demonstrate how to perform a closed guard guillotine counter for a person on top and Ryan Hall assisted her during the demonstration. You can easily see how he gets gassed as Washington secures her lock while Valerie remains unaware and there’s no one who could tell her it’s just the time to stop. When Washington realized she had actually choked the instructor, her reaction was absolutely priceless – the poor black belt got so scared!

Fortunately, Ryan Hall returned to this world very soon and even joined his laughing students. Well, looks like this guillotine counter really works !