BJJ artist freaks out after accidental knee!

That was a little rude I guess.

What is the first thing you have to be aware of when you start training any martial art? The answer is “pain”. Yes, you need to know that you are going to be punched and kicked, dropped and battered – and sometimes these things may even be unintentional – for example, a kick or a knee to the groin is probably the most unintentional and yet the most painful accident.

However, sometimes even experienced martial artists appear to be caught by surprise when they suffer something of the kind. The BJJ artist in a blue gi in this video has a blue belt, and that suggests he’s seen plenty of judo and BJJ bouts and took part in quite a number of duels. But when he eats an accidental knee all he can think of is a huge slap response which can make anyone ask one and the same question: what, for god’s sake, he was thinking about? It seems that the guy in white gi was just trying to break the opponent’s grip with his knee, but missed. Anyway, the knee strike was not at all devastating compared with the similar strikes in K1, MMA or Muay Thai.

According to one of the comments on Youtube to this, written be the guy who claimed to have fought that day in the white belt division, there was a short silense when the slap happened.Fortunately, the fighter in white gi, unlike his sissy opponent, showed what a real sportsmanship is and didn’t start a barroom brawl after that slap. The referee made the right call ruling the bout a blue belt’s disqualification as the slap, unlike the knee, was one hundred percent intentional.