This 7-year-old girl can fight!

Little Girl Has Crazy Fighting Skills!

Alyona Azarkina is the name of the little girl in the video, having an exhibition match with her own father. Alyona is born and raised in Russia. Her father Anatoliy Azarkin is a purple belt in brazilian jiu-jitsu and he’s teaching his daughter. She’s well known for her  ground skills but she is also learning some striking to go along with her grappling. She mostly competes against boys of her age in all of the grappling competitions she enters. But she doesn’t just ”take part”, she has already won a lot of tournaments.
Now back to the video, she is showing her skills in an exhibition match with her father being her ”sparring partner”. Even tho it’s not a real competition you can still see the skills she possesses.
Punches, kicks, armbars and more. Little Alyona can do it all. She was just 7-years-old at the time this video was taken and it would be interesting to see her in 10 years if she sticks to mixed martial arts.