Best way to defend from a sucker punch!

Reading the opponent’s body language is the key!

The most common thing said about a street fight, and our website is not an exception, is that a street fight is usually a very quick fight. A guy who wants to take your cash or, say, a cell phone, is not likely to box with you for eight three-minute rounds and win by unanimous decision (not talking about a split one). When the opponents don’t have more than half a minute at their disposal, one good punch really matters. And usually it’s a sucker punch.
So if you’re on the light side of the Force, it’s vital that you learn how to avoid a sucker punch. Nick Drossos, who is very well known on Youtube as a dedicated self-defense instructor with a kung fu, taekwondo and MMA training background and a long-time work experience as a security and a bodyguard, is going to show you how to do that.
According to Nick, the best way to avoid a sucker punch is awareness and ability to read the body language of your opponent. If the kid is trying to shorten the distance, or moves his hips and shoulders – that could be a sign for you to counterattack. Or run away, if running is your forte. So don’t hesitate to check this video and find out what are the signs of an upcoming sucker punch.
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