Best performance at Red Bull Kick It 2014

You just don’t need fists when you kick like that.

A lot of guys, who train martial arts, choose nicknames which simply don’t match their performance. You can easily find a “Destroyer” who has more battles lost than won, or a “Titan” whose jaw is made of the thinnest glass possible. But when we speak of Ingun Yoo from the South Korea, his nickname “Kick Gun” is fully deserved. This kid just blasts kicks like a kick machine gun and his skill, speed and precision are just stunning.
This video here shows the best moments of his performance at Red Bull Kick It 2014 which is a competition in martial arts stunts. It consists of one on one duels, where each one has two rounds – tricking and tameshiwari (breaking). When we saw the first part of the video, we were like ‘okay, he’s fast with his legs and he’s a great athlete but you also have to hit the target when you throw a kick”. The second part of the clip demonstrated that Ingun is a real sniper when it goes about kicks. Breaking a single board, then two boards, and then three boards, all at once, with an impressive three piece combo – this is just awesome.
Ingun Yoo is a member of King Of Connexion – a Korean traditional martial arts tricking team led by Ilho Cho. The guys perform at TV shows, various domestic and international competitions and even in musicals. Each member of the team shows tricks in his respective field and Ingun Yoo is reported to be the taekwondo representative.