Best boxing round of 2005! Epic comeback victory!

The best boxing bout of the year 2005 and one of the best bouts ever!

A lot of fans name movies about Rocky Balboa as something which defined their choice of boxing as a favorite sports. Sure it excites to see two guys who feel no fear and mercy, who batter each other for twelve exhausting rounds and never give, who are always concerned with the fight and never with the contract payments. Of course, if the first boxing bout you happen to watch is the one between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, that would hardly make you love boxing. Fortunately, in real boxing there still are fights which make your heart beat even faster than when you watch an exciting movie. A bout for the WBC lightweight title between Diego Corrales and Jose Luis Castillo in Vegas, 2005 is just one of these and it’s universally regarded as the best fight of the year.

For nine rounds Corrales and Castillo were exchanging vicious shots and combos and as the tenth round started both opponents were badly battered and bruised. Castillo dropped Corrales in the second round but Diego managed to beat the count. The bell tolled for Corrales several seconds later when he suffered the second knockdown. By that time he could hardly see with his left eye as it was badly swollen but once again he managed to get back on his feet – to lose one point for excessive spitting out of the mouthpiece.

It looked like and end of all hope for Corrales as both fighters were exhausted and looked hardly capable of performing a single violent attack. However, the half-blind Corrales managed to land a great punch which his opponent later called “a perfect right hand”. This shot rocked Castillo and was followed by a hailstorm of other punches before Tony Weeks, the referee, interfered.

Unfortunately, two years sharp from that day, on May 7, 2007, Diego Corrales was killed in a road accident in Vegas. According to the police reports, he rode his Suzuki motorcycle and struck the back of a car. Corrales was knocked off his bike, hit the ground and died on his way to a hospital.