Ben Rothwell stops Brendan Schaub with a stunning punch!

This punch made Schaub ‘climbing the invisible ladder’!

If anybody had to describe Ben Rothwell with a couple of words, “underdog” and “underestimated” would fit well. October 24 will bring together Rothwell and Stipe Miocic in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night Dublin, Miocic considered a favorite by most of rankings and experts. As a part of the promotion company for the event UFC shared Rothwell’s bout against Brendan Schaub at UFC 145 three years ago. It’s a wise move because this fight shows perfectly what “Big Ben” is capable of when he’s an underdog.
Both Rothwell and Schaub were defeated vefore that fight – by Mark Hunt and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira respectively. Few doubted that Schaub would win the battle, however it took Rothwell just a little more than a minute to prove that majority is not always right.
For almost half a minute the two heavyweights circled one another in the octagon. After a brief shot exchange Schaub landed a spinning elbow that rocked Rothwell and looked like a sign of an early stoppage coming. Rothwell managed to recover in a blink of an eye and landed a huge left hand which dropped Schaub to the mat. Before referee Herb Dean intervened and stopped “Big Ben”, Rothwell had time to land several more shots. Few seconds later Rothwell was celebrating while Schaub was trying to grab his imaginary opponent and looked absolutely out of this world.