Bellator vet floored in the opening round, wins by vicious punch KO in the second

Worthy was out on his feet!

With an experienced fighter you never know for sure you’re winning, even if you’ve just managed to floor him with a good solid punch. Matt “The Mangler” Bessette (15-6) is just that kind of guy. He’s thirty and they call him a veteran due to his huge Bellator experience.
On June 12, 2015, Bessette locked horns with Khama “The Deathstar” Worthy (7-4) at the co-main event of CES MMA 29. Worthy had a five-inch reach advantage which he used to his good for most of the time. In the very beginning of the first round “The Deathstar” landed a nasty shot which floored Bessette, but the Connecticut featherweight didn’t let Worthy to unleash full scale ground and pound which could easily end the battle. Instead of that he first managed to get on his feet and then started turning the tide more and more with every minute. His vicious punches in the first round rocked Worthy at least once and were accompanied by a successful takedown. Worthy either missed the change in the plot or just couldn’t do anything with that. Anyway, the end of the first round featured Bessette’s advantage and if the judges were to name the winner after that, “The Mangler” would be very likely to win the fight by decision.
The second round was more or less the same – Khama utilized his longer arms to counter Bessette’s attacks and mixed punches with knees to the body. Bessette showed good tactical skills as he lured Worthy to a close-range shot exchange where his longer reach wouldn’t work. Soon after a right hook to the chin made Khama Worthy fall on the canvas in a bizarre and slow manner, ending the fight with a highlight reel knockout.