Bellator’s best fight of the year 2011 – Eddie Alvarez vs Michael Chandler!

A four round fight where every second’s worth watching!

“I wish you nothing but the best. It was an honor to lock horns with you twice. Go get it man”, Michael Chandler twitted to Eddie Alvarez when it was announced that a former Bellator lightweight title winner signs up with UFC. The respond was quick and adequate: “I feel the same brother , brought the best outta each other , ill save the date 4 the future Go get that belt back !” No show off, these two really respect each other. And that’s a well-deserved respect as both have shown much passion, skill and spirit in their cage duels.

Their first fight is what we have to offer today. Most videos at don’t last long but this one is worth watching. So get ready to spend twenty minutes plus on the fight which was called one of the best in 2011. Alvarez, who held the lightweight title, was much more experienced – he had 22 wins and only two losses by the fight date. Chandler, however in no way looked as a whipping boy with his five win streak at Bellator and eight win streak total. Before the fight Chandler stated he didn’t want it to end early by a sudden knockout or something. He wanted to dominate and make it at least three rounds so that no one would like to call his win a fluke. Well, it went almost as planned – it took four rounds before the epilogue.

The contender came in very aggressive in the start, and he could very well finish Alvarez at once. In the first round Eddie showed almost no counter fighting at all, opening return fire in the second round only. After the second break Alvarez landed a number of shots, he even managed to stun Chandler but Michael made it to the fourth round. Both fighters looked just like out of a meat grinder – Chandler was heavily bruised, his eyes swollen, while Alvarez’s mouth was cut several times and bleeding. It could go either way, but after three minutes Chandler caught Alvarez with a right hand shot and mounted him developing it to a rear choke. Alvarez could do nothing but tap.

Two years later Eddie Alvarez faced Michael Chandler again – this time at Bellator 106. It was a back-and-forth battle too, which Alvarez won by a split decision. This fight lasted five rounds and made Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney call it the best he’d ever seen. Without any delay Rebney announced at the post-fight press conference that the clash between Alvarez and Chandler was inevitable. It was scheduled for May 17, 2014 but only a week before the fight Alvarez was reported to suffer a concussion and was replaced by Will Brooks, though the promotion wanted to let him fight