Bellator 138 fighters expect Shamrock to win the main event

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While the clock’s counting last hours before “The Unfinished Business” becomes finished and we see Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock facing each other in the cage, our senior editor Levon has completed his epic St. Louis quest and interviewed some guys who also fight tonight. Of course, the main event drags most attention but the whole card for Bellator 138 is packed with great matchups which are going to make itthe show worth watching and remembering.
Meet Adam “El Natural” Cella and Steven Mann who are set to fight in the undercard of the tournament.

Cella’s record is 6-3 and his win list is divided equally in KO/TKO wins and submission wins. However, in the upcoming fight against so far unbeaten Kyle Kurtz (3-0) Adam relies on his striking more. “As far as this next fight, I see it ending with a kind of a vicious knockout. This kid (Kyle Kurtz – doesn’t think that I hit very hard. So he’s gonna see real quick that I hit a lot harder than most people”, he said in an interview to “Double-Knockout”.


Unlike Cella, Steven Mann (10-1) is not too concerned on how he will continue his winning streak which consists of five bouts now. ”I’m not looking for knockout or submission. One way or the other – either way will be great”, Mann says modestly adding that he’s going to give the St. Louis fans just what they want and not got all the way to decision. Despite kickboxing background, eight of his ten wins were sealed by submissions so we are probably going to see more of the ground work this time too.
The Bellator guys were kind enough to share their predictions on the main event’s outcome. Bad news for Kimbo Slice – despite the fact that he’s almost ten years younger than his opponent, Cella and Mann have stronger belief in Shamrock’s ground skills. “It really depends on how Ken Shamrock performs. If he shows up the way everybody thinks he’s going to, I think he can beat Kimbo Slice. He can stand with him long enough to put him on his back and submit him”, says Mann while Cella adds: “I think Ken Shamrock’s gonna pull this off. Kimbo is a big guy and if he hits someone it’s gonna hurt. But I think Ken Shamrock can get on him, can get him to the ground. You just can’t take away his experience and the training he had”. In a few hours we’ll see if the guys predict the future just as good as they fight.

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