Beauty of destruction: UFC 189 highlights in slow motion

Despite Aldo’s replacement it was a top notch event.

At we’re trying not to discriminate any kind of combat sports (though some of them rarely provide us with a decent video) but watching UFC 189 made us think that those who say that boxing is way worse compared to MMA, may be right. At least as far as the most hyped events are concerned.
While Mayweather vs. Pacquiao battle was preceded by a plenty of expectations followed by little shown in the ring, UFC balanced hype and cage action perfectly. Even the dreadful news of Jose Aldo’s rib injury and his further substitution didn’t spoil the show (props to the brave Chad Mendes who accepted the challenge on the shortest notice). Perhaps the only one who feels bad about Aldo not have taken part in the UFC 189 main event is Conor McGregor. But he won’t have to wait long, we believe.
And it’s not just McGregor and Mendes who made UFC 189 one of the best if not the best MMA show of the year. The whole fight card was full of great matchups and, honestly, this video, offered by UFC, could have more fights featured. But it’s good anyway. The idea of showing the best moments in slow motion is nothing but great – it demonstrates the full power of fighting, its frightening yet very attractive aesthetics. No matter which bout you pick, Almeida vs. Pickett, Stephens vs. Bermudez, Lawler vs. MacDonald or the main event, you’re sure to see devastating shots, powerful takedowns, fury and passion. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao may be the richest fight in the history of combat sports, but most of mixed martial arts tournaments in general and UFC 189 in particular are way richer in emotions.