Beautiful Spinning Hook Kick Knockout

Konstantin Gluhov from Latvia lands a beautiful spinning kick that sends his opponent face down to the floor.

Sometimes you can learn a lot by watching a fight. In this case the viewer can learn how to land a perfect spinning hook kick that will leave their opponent motionless on the canvas. Konstantin Gluhov from Latvia lands a textbook spinning hook kick against his opponent from France Pacome Assi, that puts an instant end to the fight.
Pacome Assi lowers his right hand just enough to allow Gluhov‘s foot to land directly above the ear and that is all she wrote. The Frenchman is out before he hits the canvas and lands like he is filling out the chalk outline of a dead body. Gluhov does the Mark Hunt walk off and the fight is over just like that.
Pacome Assi is so out of it that his cornermen have to hold him up during the official announcement. He looks like a partier in New Orleans during New Years Eve.
Konstantin Gluhov has continued to compete in M-1 Global and the Pancrase Fighting Championship with varying amounts of success. He is scheduled to fight at M-1 Challenge 53 in Beijing in late November. We will see if he can deliver another knockout as spectacular as this one.