Beautiful flying knee knockout

Watch the whole video for replay!

Scoring a spectacular knockout is great but winning a title with said knockout is even better. Derek Boyle did both of these things in his fight against Alex Popov at Rage XV: Battle in the Bridge. It took Boyle just over two and a half minutes of the first round to dispatch Popov and get the lightweight strap put around his waist.

After the fighters separate Popov inexplicably walks directly at Boyle and doesn’t make much of an effort to defend himself. He walks right into Boyle’s flying knee and is out before he hits the ground. The fast acting ref practically throws Boyle into the corner as he steps in to make sure no more damage is done to Popov.

Popov looks absolutely dazed and lost as his corner men work to make sure he is okay. He did bounce back and win his next fight but this has got to be one of the worst defeats of his career.

One thing I find odd about this fight is that when they are announcing the decision Boyle is not even holding the belt. It is just laying on the floor. You would think that there would be a little more ceremony to it. I guess they do things differently in Canada.