Batman & Robin vs Spider-Man

Batman and Robin vs Spider-Man:  Full MMA Fight

Epic superhero action as the masked menace clashes with the dynamic duo, in a full contact kickboxing bout. Will Spidery’s crisp technique and lightning reflexes triumph over Batman’s power and determination?

It’s normal to see Superheros fighting, but it’s rare when you see the good guys fighting each other. Enter Spider-Man vs Batman and Robin in a two-on-one full contact kickboxing MMA fight.

The masked superheros fight it out, and unfortunately for the duo of Batman and Robin, things don’t end well for them as they don’t play the numbers game. Usually Spider-Man is known for fighting with his web, but Robin found out the hard way that he also packs a wicked punch and gets hit with a knee to the jaw. After dispatching of Boy Wonder, Spider-Man sets his sights on Batman who decides to show off his aerobatic side with cartwheels and forward rolls.

Things take a twist after the match when Batman’s villain the Riddler shows up.

It almost seems like Batman and Robin thought the whole thing was a big joke, but Spider-Man was not messing around. He straight up wrecks both of them, before eventually doing a Muhammad Ali style dance to mock a possibly concussed Batman after Robin left the ring in shame. Oh, and then the Riddler shows up to help concussed Batman. Did I mention this is weird?

Watch the Hardest Man superhero fight above.