Bare knuckled boxer has no fear!

He’ll fight any man, any weight, any size

Matthew Thorn from Doncaster, UK, wanted to be a boxing champion like his grandfather. One day, more than twelve years ago, his dreams were ruined. He went to a surgeon to get rid of an abscess in his back and, as he renders it, “the anaesthetist f…ed up the mixture”. Thorne woke up with a constant irritating buzzing sound in his head, he couldn’t sleep, lost his job, personal life and his MMA career was also destroyed.
Honestly, it’s extremely hard to imagine how this man feels every day, every hour and every minute. Perhaps, nine of ten people, should it happen to them, would give way to despair, random acts of violence or even commit suicide. Matthew Thorn chose bare knuckle boxing. Fighting other guys who hate to wear boxing gloves, Matt “Quick Hit” Thorn also virtually fights ‘those bastards’ who destroyed his life.
Some people would say anger and aggression got hold of Thorn but that’s hardly so – in fact he does everything not to let his dark side, influenced by health problems, conquer and rule him. The guys he fights against are just as crazy about bare knuckle fighting as he is. It’s not that Palahniuk-based movie fight club with office monkeys fighting for an open mind, it’s a “live to fight” community. “All I dream about is having a belt round my waist. It’s some point in my life that my grandfather did. It’s the biggest goal of all”, says Thorn. There’s no way you cannot give him immense props – it’s going to be an extremely tough and long road. Hopefully, he makes it.