Badass fighter refuses to tap and knocks out his opponent only seconds later!

This can easily be comeback of the year!

Predictions for Shamrock FC – Shock (January 17, 2015, Kansas City, MO) were that the title fight between Jacob “The Rosedale Strangler” Akin and Kevin “The Hard Hitting Hillbilly” Croom could turn into a tactical ground battle. They went all wrong but I guess no one, including the predictors, fell sorry about it, as the bantamweight clash turned into a two minute long real cage drama which ended with an epic comeback by Croom.

Prior to that fight Croom felt a bit upset as his nine win streak had been snapped by Jesse Brock at MFC 40 via split decision. Besides, his pro boxing debut also ended in a decision loss to Juan Carlos Guillen.  Akin’s record was 6-4 by the fight day with a three win streak and four bouts won by submission. His ground work skill helped him to catch Croom in an armbar trap twice in the opening round but “The Hard Hitting Hillbilly” showed great spirit and didn’t surrender even the second time, when his arm was just about to break. Instead of tapping Croom managed to stand up and perform a stunning powerbomb on Akin. “The Rosedale Strangler” was already half-conscious when Croom landed a couple of ground and pound shots forcing the referee Mike England to interfere.

There were some talks on whether Croom’s move was legal according to the unified MMA rules. Doubts appeared because Akin actually hit the mat with the back of his head. But the judges ruled the KO legal as Akin could release his hold to prevent the strike but didn’t do it.