Backyard brawler Dada 5000 brutalizes his opponent in less than 50 seconds

He is very likely to be the next opponent for Kimbo Slice!

Dhafir Harris aka “Dada 5000” doesn’t just look like Kimbo Slice’s brother. He used to be a part of the bearded brawler’s entourage and worked as his bodyguard for some time. Then Harris, according to his own words, “went his separate route” and concentrated on promoting backyard fights. He still found some time to test his own fighting skills though.
The word “technique” won’t come to your mind when you watch Harris’ bouts but his power and aggression are immense. Tim Papp, who was his opponent for the co-main event at MFA Next Generation 4 in 2011, was destroyed in only fifty seconds into the opening round. Harris threw several vicious shots in the very beginning and dropped Papp to the mat. Heavily battered, Papp tried to resist but he got on his feet only to suffer another violent attack. That win made Harris’ pro MMA record 2-0. Right after the fight “Dada 5000” challenged Kimbo Slice promising that “someone’s going to sleep”.
It remained unclear until recently whether Kimbo Slice is aware of the challenge. In June Kevin Ferguson’s MMA coach, UFC vet Mike Brown said that Dhafir Harris may be Slice’s next opponent. “I’m not certain where he (Kevin Ferguson) wants to go next. There’s a few options, I think, but one local fight that’s down here would be the guy who just put out the documentary,” said Brown to MMA Junkie.
This bout, in Brown’s opimion, can attract fans in Florida, the native state for both fighters. However, Brown doubts that the battle between Ferguson and Harris can cause as much interest as over hyped Slice vs. Shamrock event.