Awesome turning back kick knockout.

Another proof that taekwondo works good for MMA. Watch the whole video for different angles.

Almost seven years ago Harris Bonfiglio was not only a skinny teenager but a very gifted taekwondo apprentice with a neat technique and a solid strike. But, honestly, the world’s full of gifted guys who then grow up and achieve nothing for various reasons. In the very beginning of January 2015 the 22-year old fighter had a bout which became a clear “I’m not going to waste my chances” statement.

It was obvious from the start that Harris was aimed at winning the bout and he wanted it done beautifully and indisputably. And that’s just how it happened. “Dirty Harry” quickly performed a successful takedown on BJ Prak and mounted him. Until the end of the first round he remained superior in every sense of the word – he didn’t allow Prak to escape and poured an extremely unpleasant and painful shower of body punches from his right over his opponent. Where is all that TKD we saw on Bonfiglio’s teenage vids? The answer came right after the first break.

The fighters came close and Harris landed a brilliant flying back kick which hit Prak’s both chin and neck. BJ collapsed on the canvas while ring card girls were still going downstairs from the cage – it was like seven or eight seconds from the start of the second round. Take your time to watch the replay – this kick is a pure art, martial art at its best. And yes, it can very well be one of the best KOs of the year, though the year’s just begun. If you’re still skeptical about taekwondo as a traditional martial art which is useful for MMA fighters, watch this vid again and don’t hesitate to take a look at one more example of perfect TKD skill.