Awesome 5 second Knockout!

Whatch the whole video for replay

MMA tournaments differ, you know. Some think it’s okay for a fighter to beat the hell out of a soccer mom in a debut pro bout. Luckily, there are promotions with another approach and Tuff’n’Uff is one of them. Despite the fact it’s an amateur competition it’s very often fun to watch. You just never know what it’s going to be – an exciting superheavyweight brawl, a lightning fast knockout or a Krav Maga instructor who knocks her opponent out cold. Here is one more explanation why Tuff’n’Uff gains much attention from MMA fans.

March 1, 2014 was a special day for Corey Conway and AJ Leone. The guys were set to meet in the cage for a bantamweight clash at the main card for Tuff’n’Uff Mayhem in Mesquite IV in CasaBlanca Resort and Casino in Nevada, USA. I bet both guys were preparing for their amateur debut, they trained long and stuff but no one could imagine that it would take only five seconds to find out who’s the winner.

After the referee’s word Conway and Leone started exchanging punches and Conway’s second shot dotted all I’s – an overhand right hook landed on Leone’s jaw and dropped him to the mat making the ref jump in for a wave off. The outcome was so fast that some fans probably missed everything. A good beginning makes a god ending, they say. AJ Leone was probably too much upset with his debut as there’s nothing heard of his other fights. As for Corey Conway, the 19 year old pursues his amateur career, having scored four wins and one loss so far. He fights not only on Tuff’n’Uff card but also takes part in the Battle in the Barn tournaments in Washington.