Attacked the opponent instead of touching the gloves

Fast KO on the 15th second of the fight.

If you find charisma in brutal sport you have come to the right place. But even brutal kind of sport has its rules and win at any cost may not be accepted with respect. Here is the video that shows such bout.
It is up to you to decide whether Firuz Karomatov, MMA fighter, behaved properly. They say that victors need never explain. Success is never blamed, right? However, not all see it this way.
The opponent wanted to greet Firuz Karomatov before the fight but he refused to touch the gloves. This is a sign of respect to the opponent, if you do not know. Moreover, the fighter attacked the opponent right at the moment he stretched out his hand.
The fighter can be brutal like an outlaw. Arena, in this way, becomes the place where it’s pretty normal. But still honest brutality is one thing and victory received at any cost is another. It is not surprising that the attack was despised by the viewers.
It is hard to guess what caused this behavior. But what if the person needs certain disposition to start a fight? Some type of mindset can be hard to acquire.
Fighters treat this ritual differently. It symbolizes mutual respect. It is not necessary, but it still means much. It makes this sport an art valued by both participants. The ritual is sometimes skipped for different reasons. Some are too nervous before the match, while others consider that it is not necessary. Different approach can create confusion and cause misunderstanding between the fighters, but being attacked at the moment when you show your good will and disposition is beyond me. Even if touching gloves is disruptive procedure for fight that takes away your inner rhythm, the person can act with more dignity. Anyway,  Firuz Karomatov is eventually a winner and seems to be quite happy about the achievement just as his supporters from the audience.