Atomic knockout by Roy Nelson

Nogueira has a hard head but even he couldn’t stand those shots!

Every time Roy “Big Country” Nelson wins a fight via KO or TKO, it’s a punch. One could say his arsenal lacks weapons but who cares? When he throws his right hand, its’ hard, and when he hits the target, he leaves no survivors. He proved that again in the main event for UFC Fight Night 39 in April, 2014. The unlucky one was Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira.
Actually Nogueira was in a big trouble since the very start. “Minotauro” was always known as the fighter who can not only inflict massive damage but absorb it as well. But as Nogueira gets older his durability shrinks visibly. The bell tolled for Nogueira for the first time when Nelson connected with an uppercut and an overhand right and sent his opponent to the mat. However, “Big Country” allowed Nogueira to get back on his feet and try to make things better. They became even worse for the former Pride heavyweight champ though.
Nogueira took the center of the cage and threw a jab but then Nelson landed two right hand shots, the second one hit Nogueira’s temple and dropped him again. Nelson, just like before, didn’t rysh for the kill and let Nogueira stand back up. “Minotauro” looked really bad as he wobbled all over the Octagon. Nelson kept his cool, aimed carefully and bombed Nogueira with an overhand right that knocked the Brazilian out cold.
Surprisingly, the fight went absolutely not the way Nelson had planned it. “My goal was to get a takedown per round and go five rounds and push the pace a little bit. It just so happened that my right hand landed first”, he said in the post-fight interview.