Army veteran Chris Mintz shot 7 times trying to stop Oregon shooter

He is a true hero!

Umpqua Community College student , Army veteran, MMA fighter Chris Mintz was hit multiple times by Oregon gunman as he tried to stop the madman from entering a classroom.
It was Mintz’s son’s 6th birthday on October 1 and he started the day by wishing his son a Happy Birthday in his Facebook post. He later went to the community college and this is where the heartbreaking tragedy took place.
A man armed with five pistols and one rifle entered the UCC campus, he managed to kill 9 people and leave atleast 7 victims wounded before he was shot dead during an exchange of gunfire with police. Among those wounded is Chris Mintz. A 30-year-old student, who served 10 years in the Army. He aspired to be a fitness trainer, trained mixed martial arts and has had several MMA fights. When Chris heard the gunshots he didn’t try to escape, instead he tried to help other people to protect them from the gunman. Eventually Chris ended up getting hit atleast 3 times by the gunman as he attempted to block the door of the classroom.
He tried to get the gunman to stop by telling him it was his son’s birthday. The gunman showed no mercy and ended up shooting Chris several more times.
It’s a miracle Chris managed to survive after being hit so many times as no vital organs have been hit, however both of his legs are broken and he will have to learn to walk again.
This man is a hero who risked his own life to save others. Speedy recovery Hero.