Pro arm wrestler vs “The mountain” from Game of Thrones!

If only Oberyn Martell could see this now.

A friendly arm wrestling match with the guy who smashed the head of Red Viper and squeezed his eyes and brain out? Yeah, just bring it on. It’s absolutely stunning to watch Devon Larratt, a two-time World Arm Wrestling League champion, beating 6 foot 9 inches and 400 pounds of raw power (Larratt is 6’5” and 225 pounds). Thor Bjornsson is famous not only for his acting in Game of Thrones but also as the Europe’s Strongest Man. That makes the whole thing even more impressive because Larratt doesn’t just defeat Bjornsson – he wins quickly, easily, keeping his cool, smiling at his opponent. You can show this video to anyone who doesn’t know what the expression “another day in the office” means.
What makes this clip even funnier, is the fact that Larratt finds time to instruct Bjornsson while wrestling, he reminds “The Mountain” to keep eye contact – and Bjornsson is bending over backwards to push Larratt’s arm just an inch further and pin it down.
The main question is, how could Larratt do that? In fact, arm wrestling is not what it looks like, it’s not just about whose biceps is bigger. Arm wrestling game is all about tactics and correct positioning which helps an athlete to use his strength with maximum efficiency. And that’s just what Devon Larratt demonstrates using his own technique known as Top Roll.