Anthony Pettis punishes prankers!

That hurts even to watch this!

 La Fenix group was founded in Brazil in 2004. These guys specialize in prank and jackass videos.  This kind of humor may seem questionable, not everyone loves it, but let’s give La Fenix a credit – they do have some guts. How many people would agree to be beaten by a professional MMA fighter with no chance to fight back? Not too many, perhaps. And there would be even less volunteers, if the fighter was Anthony Pettis, a Milwaukee native with eighteen cage wins and only three losses on his record. Pettis is known as a pro, who is equally good in striking and wrestling, capable of finishing a fight early by a punch or a submission or going all the distance and show great endurance. The fact that he fights at lightweight shouldn’t deceive anyone – his fists and feet can easily put a bull to sleep.

Too brave or too stupid – La Fenix guys on this video turn into punching bags for several minutes. The fact that a punching bag doesn’t hit back is usual and okay but when a punching bag weeps and moans after the shot is landed – that’s something really weird and funny. No wonder Pettis keeps giggling and laughing all the time.

Actually, being beaten by an MMA pro might be useful not only for masochists but for anyone who’s not absolutely sure whether he wants to train martial arts. We could have less guys who find out that MMA hurts only when the brawl starts.