An Aussie fighter scores a highlight-reel spinning back elbow knockout!

A great way to start a career in the new promotion!

The first impression means much when you sign up for a new promotion. From this point of view Jordan Cameron’s debut at Hex Fight Series 1 on December 6, 2014 was just awesome. A young fighter with a win and a draw on his record met Luke Mark Catubig in the main card of the event in Melbourne, Australia. For Catubig it was also an HFS debut but he had fought six times before, scoring three wins and three losses in such tournaments as Universal Reality Combat Championship (Philippines) and Australian Fighting Championship.
Cameron scored his “knockout of the year” title contender in the opening round and the shot was a huge one. Landed from the closest possible range, the shot left no chance for Catubig to dodge it. An elbow bomb got right on the button and dropped Catubig to the canvas. Cameron unleashed a ground and pound follow-up immediately but actually it was all over right after that spinning back elbow, so the referee intervened to save Catubig from the unneeded punishment.
Before starting an MMA career a Melbourne’s Caulfield Grammar student James Cameron played Australian Football League in high school. “I always just loved getting in there and having a good tackle, so naturally I loved wrestling when I began MMA. My coach Chris Brown has been to the Olympics five times, and that’s his style. I think it naturally suits me as well”, Cameron said in an interview.
Before his HFS debut Cameron scored a draw in the fight against Kris Kemps at Superfight Australia 13 in 2012. He later admitted he was very upset with his draw and concentrated on training for the rest of 2012 and the whole year of 2013. This strategy proved to be right as, according to Cameron, he came out a more skillful fighter than he was before Kemp and Luke Catubig was the unlucky one to test it.