Amazing one punch face plant knockout

A perfect finish by all standards!

Exciting MMA videos don’t come too often from continental Europe but when they do – they are just great. Recently we admired lightning fast knockouts from Romania which happened on the same night, now let’s head to Austria to watch a great sniper shot which bears a “Made in Switzerland” mark on it.
The winner’s name is Rabit Hyseni and we just can’t believe the guy does not fight any more. Hopefully he does, but this fight against Engin Inan is the only one that can be found on the internet. The bout took place at Martial Arts Xtreme Fight Championship 4 in Lochau, Austria on December 3, 2011. It was quite a show with only two bouts out of eleven going into the second round. Hyseni’s win became the quickest finish of the night.
All it took Hyseni to win the fight was one solid counterpunch which was perfectly timed and perfectly landed. Inan was out cold before he hit the mat and collapsed flat like a chopped tree. Hyseni glanced once to realize there was no need for ground and pound and switched to celebrating while referees and medics were trying to get Inan back on his feet again. The knockout was Inan’s second back-to-back loss as a pro and perhaps it was his last fight as well, as no reports of his later bouts are available.