Amazing 4-second knockout

What took you so long, Mike?

  Hope, you still remember Mike Garrett, a guy from Britain who was named the world record holder after his lightning-fast win over Sam Heron. Promoters of UCMMA swore it took him only 1,13 sec to knock out skinny Sam, but actually 1,13 sec was the time between the start and the head kick shot Mike landed. But well, the guy is fast, anyway, and he proved it again in his second welterweight bout in June, 2014.

Mike’s opponent was Jimi Animashaun, his record by that time was 1-0, just like Mike’s. This time Mike preferred punches to kicks and threw three shots in a row – left hook, right cross and left hook again. But honestly, the very first shot was enough – look at Jimi’s eyes on the replay and you’ll see lights were out for him right after it.

Four-second KO sounds great, but let’s make things clear – Animashaun stood there with the gates wide open, as if he was unaware punching is legal in MMA. In the previous article about Mike Garrett it was written the guy only had eight months of training before his debut fight. Something makes me think Jimi’s training was quite alike. British MMA preserves punk heritage of old: in late seventies you didn’t need to rehearse to be called a musician, now you don’t need to train to be called a fighter.

And there’s one more thing which prevents from admiring Mike Garrett, his knockouts as great as they are – that’s that badass walkoff after the punch streak. Man, the fight was not yet stopped and he was already celebrating outside the cage!

For sure, when you spend only five seconds to get two wins by knockout, it can make you a bit dizzy with success. No wonder Mike comments to this video on Youtube as follows: “Heters gona hate I will do the same too anyone else you couldnt even step in a cage let alone with me you internet talking clowns”. Goodness gracious, what was it, a gangsta-rap overdose?

That kind of overconfidence makes you wish to see Mike face some serious resistance next time. And this can come true, as Mike has his first pro bout at UCMMA 43. He’s going to meet Marcus Paul (not to be confused with Marcus Paul “The Irish Hand Grenade” Davis), for whom it will be a pro debut too.