Amazing kickboxing comeback!

Fighter gets dropped in 5 seconds! Gets back up and wins!

Three fights in one day? Nothing special if it’s a GLORY World Series event. Glory 9: New York, which was held on June 22, 2013 at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, became a real stress test for Tyrone Spong, a Surinamese kickboxer and MMA fighter. On his way to the lightheavyweight final Spong had defeat Michael Duut in the quarterfinals. The bout started shockingly bad for Spong as Duut dropped him to the mat with a vicious straight right hand in the opening fifteen seconds.
Spong managed to get back on his feet and attacked with a bigger and much more devastating right hand which cruched Duut and sent him down. As the referee opened the count for Duut, he stood up but then fell back leaving the referee not much to choose – the bout was stopped and ruled a knockout.
Spong showed a great performance in the two next fights, defeating Filip Verlinden in the semifinal via unanimous decision and then took on Danyo Ilunga in the finals. The last bout took no longer than sixteen seconds as Spong rocked Ilunga with his right and then unleashed a barrage of punches. Ilunga was pressed against the ropes and didn’t drop but the referee stopped the fight. The replay later showed that Ilunga’s feet were wobbling but according to GLORY rules, the referee cannot count a standing eight-count to a fighter who hasn’t been dropped, so full stoppage was the only option.