Amateur MMA fight in a dog cage!

SMALL CAGE – ALL ACTION! What do you think?

Russia is not the only place on earth where amateur MMA tournaments are held. Americans also know a lot and appreciate a good fight, no matter whether it takes place in an octagon, a night club or in the backyard of a neighbor’s house.

And just like in any other country such fights, albeit non-sanctioned, badly organized and poorly refereed, give some fighters a chance to build a professional career. A welterweight MMA fighter Michael “Dragonhulk” Trujillo can’t boast a stunning success, with the record of 4-4. But when he stepped in a small cage in Pompano Beach (Florida, USA) more than four years ago, he hardly could imagine even such a result, I believe.

It was the first amateur bout not only for Mike but also for his opponent, Benny “The Beast” Delgado. Delgado was much heavier (or should we say fatter?), so it was absolutely no wonder he pressed Mike from the start, chasing him to the corner and then threshing him with a hail of body punches which seemed to never stop. Mike looked clearly knocked down and be it a professional fight, the ref would probably stop it to check if “Dragonhulk” could carry on. But a guy who played the ref’s role preferred to watch Benny beating the hell out of his rival.

Call it stupidity or foresight – but the ref was right! After Trujillo managed to escape from the corner, the course of the fight changed completely. Delgado spent much energy on his violent attack and obviously seemed to lack stamina, while Trujillo looked recovered and ready for revenge. He quickly knocked Benny to the ground making the ref stop the fight for the first time. Then it actually turned to a pure chaos. Benny tried to press on with his head so low as if he wanted to bunt Mike. In the way of return fire Trujillo suddenly landed a knee strike which was prohibited, judging by ref’s reaction (he landed one more a bit later). Two strange guys entered the cage, one of them shaking a plastic bag which seemed to have money inside. Mike started yelling at Benny. A guy in Jamiroquai Jay Kay’s fur hat squatted near the cage (check it on 1:59). By god, that was one of a freaky fight! Frankly, it looked like it was going to end in a rumble with everyone fighting everyone. But luckily Mike performed a series of five head punches which turned exhausted Benny to defeated Benny. Thanks, mate, for saving our sanity