Amateur fighter fails the “showtime” kick but still wins!

One of the greatest MMA fails ever!

Anthony “Showtime” Pettis, a UFC lightweight title holder, got his nickname after a special kick performed in the bout against Ben Henderson at WEC 53 in 2010. The off-the-cage roundhouse kick was so spectacular, no wonder some amateur fighters want to pull it off. Now, when you watch Nick Masonholder’s attempt, you’re sure to recall Karl Marx’s saying – “History repeats itself, first as tragedy (it was a tragedy for Ben Henderson, wasn’t it? –, second as farce”.
Nick faced Vito Sanfilippo at a Warrior Camp amateur MMA event in Spokane, WA in late November, 2014. Like many other local amateur tournaments, Warrior Camp is more about having fun and getting cage experience. The stakes are not high, the participants feel somewhat relaxed and willing to show their best. The fight between Nick and Vito would be worth remembering at least for the way both guys were dressed. Masonholder’s tuxedo sweatshirt and Sanfilippo’s red trunks with black eyes on the, uhm, rear – that was some combination, indeed. But fortunately, there was not just fancy clothing on the menu.
Now, if Nick’s version of the showtime kick were a success, it very well could be the end of the fight. But, alas, he failed. It was not a miss, it was a one-hundred-percent epic fail, as Nick fell on the canvas after a sloppy off-the-cage jump. Huge Vito gratefully accepted the gift and sidemounted Masonholder, while the referee couldn’t help giggling. It’s never over until it’s over – Nick successfully escaped a choke and then fixed the opponent’s head in something that looked like a triangle choke attempt followed by unstoppable head punching. The ref waited a while and then waved off the bout ruling it a TKO. We can agree with Vito Sanfilippo, that the stoppage did seem a bit too early. But throwing your mouthpiece rarely works with referees, this time it didn’t as well.
Watch the entire fight below: