Amateur fighter escapes from guillotine on the brink of an injury!

Admire it but don’t try to perform it!

 It’s never over until it’s over, as we know. When Mush Aslani got in a guillotine trap in the opening round of his fight against Tom Crosby, few would imagine that he would escape from it. And even among those who were still optimistic there would hardly be anyone to guess what kind of escape that would be. This is a rare, if not unique, thing to see in an MMA bout – Aslani pushed from the cage wall with his feet and led his opponent to the opposite side of the cage, getting free and ready to further rumble in some second or even less! Call this move desperate, insane, dangerous or daring – and you will be right every time and with every word.

You can also check the video of the full fight. Aslani and Crosby were not inclined to strike and both felt obviously more comfortable when wrestling. So the opening round consisted of four (!) guillotine attempts. Though sometimes it’s not as spectacular as striking, wrestling, however, is not less energy-intensive. That’s why Tom Crosby, who dominated in the first round, looked pretty tired in the second one and let Aslani make things even. The third round started with Mush’s furious takedown attempt and another guillotine by Crosby in response but Tom looked too exhausted to transform it into submission (check time mark of 12:32 to see Aslani showing thumb up as a sign of being okay). On the contrary, Aslani was strong enough to complete a great slam and even talk to Crosby after that while wrestling. After three rounds he was announced a winner by unanimous decision.