All hell broke loose in the first round of this boxing match!

It was an absolute shell shock!

If you think pro boxing is boring, you needed to watch the “Battle for Brooklyn” on Showtime last Saturday featuring two Brooklyn residents, Daniel Jacobs and Peter Quillin in a clash for the WBA middleweight title at the Barclays Center. Jacobs was the defender and 85 seconds after the start he also came out a winner.

His opponent, Peter Quillin was unbeaten by the day of the fight, with 32 wins and one draw on the record. Jacobs stats were 31-1 and he looked real strong with an eleven-wins streak, all by stoppages. Early in the opening round Jacobs connected with a vicious right hand and then his pressure was increasing with every second. Quillin tried to respond but his resistance grew weaker and weaker and finally Jacobs landed another good right shot which was destined to drop Quillin but the contender still remained standing! However, referee interfered and stopped the fight which many fans considered a bad call.

After the fight Jacobs shared some thought on his win and a possible rematch: “In boxing, there isn’t anything unexpected. Everything is intentional. There are no lucky shots. It’s shot by shot, and obviously I caught him with a shot, maybe on the temple. Obviously, I don’t know which shot I caught him with but I knew once I had him hurt, I wanted to go out there and corral him and hopefully make the referee stop the fight. I’m willing to fight him next if that’s what the fans want.”

Quillin, for his part, didn’t complain about the stoppage but stated he was not at all stunned when the ref intervened: “I feel good, this is what happens in the game of boxing. You go up there with all the ability, with the strength, thinking things are going to happen for you but then it somehow comes up short like that.”