Aldo reported injured, his fight with Conor not cancelled yet

What will the main event for UFC 189 look like now?

Now if you asked me to describe the whole situation in a word, the word would be “nooooooooo!” All the hype and trashtalk on the most expected fight of the year, experts’ predictions, Conor stealing the belt from Aldo – do you mean everything was in vain?

Well, it certainly looks like that after it was announced that Jose Aldo suffered a rib fracture during his training session. He is reported to undergo medical treatment already. Although UFC hasn’t cancelled the fight yet or withdrawn Aldo from the battle, one of these things is very likely to happen. By the time of writing this article the latest news concerning Aldo on the UFC website was the one telling that the featherweight champ “is already preparing for the inevitable staredown that awaits him when the two fighters face off again for their bout at UFC 189”.

Meanwhile, Conor McGregor shows no unnecessary emotions about the breaking news. A short message “Just know that it is business as usual up here at the top. See you all on July 11th” appeared on his Facebook page this morning. This suggests that Conor is ready and willing to fight anyone who’ll replace Aldo if the doctors don’t find him fit for the brawl.