Absolutely brutal spinning kick knockout

Kickboxing bout ended with a first round spinning kick knockout

There are different views on the origin of kickboxing and the rules vary accordingly. There is some confusion about it, as rules depend upon the classification applied in kickboxing. It divides all kickboxers into the groups. All start with J or N class and then advance to A-class.
It is important to divide fighters depending upon their level. Different classes are needed to serve as apprenticeship before the fighters reach the level of A-class fighter.
In this fight, we see C-class fighters John Braasch and Kasim Ayik. C-class is referred to the way the participants perform at the competition and the rules are determined for them. But still there are no universal rules and they differ from one country to another. The organizer of the event can also introduce its changes.
The bout John Braasch vs Kasim Ayik did not last long. The opponents were able to exchange a couple of blows to set the distance and then, quite unexpectedly, the culmination followed. One skillful kick became decisive for the bout.
It is always very exciting to observe what happens on the ring. It can be thrilling as there can always be surprises in a bout because one thing is to put on a pair of gloves and win the opponent and quite different – just to know the theory. Powerful performance has nothing to do with strength and throwing right punches and kicks here and there. You should be a good thinker too. You should be able to prevent attack in advance.
Good kickboxer should be able not to fight only but to avoid attacks as well. John Braasch was not lucky today or was just unable to withstand the blows of the experienced fighter. Kasim Ayik won by beautiful kick knockout. His opponent lost consciousness after the spinning kick that hit the target and was strong enough. Though we see how the defeated opponent came to himself he did not look as if he understood what was happening around.