A university wrestler performs an epic backflip!

A Texan native became a Youtube sensation!

 Now, if your mom doesn’t want you to learn wrestling because she’s afraid you will become a huge and clumsy killing machine – let her see this video. On December 18, 2011, a guy from Texas Greg Sanders won everybody’s hearts at the Inaugural Florida Gulf Coast Duals. A Concordia University Wisconsin (CUW) freshman performed a move which is more usual for WWE or break dancing but is quite rare in wrestling.

His backflip was not just unexpected and spectacular. What’s more important, it came in handy. As you can see in the video, Greg’s opponent seemed to be in control of the situation and Sanders turned it just the other way round in less than a second with the only move that could work. Unfortunately, no full video of the bout is available, but we know that Greg won it by major decision (12-2). But here, at Double-knockout.com we would rule him a winner right after that backflip – it was one of the best wrestling moments we ever saw!

Greg Sanders was much of a wrestler in his high school years already. While at Ronald Reagan High School in his native Texas he won 135 lbs. Texas State Title and had an overall high school record of 185-13! And when he entered CUW in 2011, there was nothing for his high school coach Troy McHugh to be ashamed of – the guy’s freshman record was 37-5 with 112 completed takedowns and 12 consecutive match wins. That season could even more successful for Greg but for the injury which left him aside of the NCAA Division III Great Lakes Regional tournament (he won the opening match though) and the rest of the season as well.

As a sophomore he kept on rocking winning the national championship at 149 lbs. He was also dubbed the Most Outstanding Wrestler at the 2013 NCAA Division III National Championships and the Outstanding Wrestler at the Northern Wrestling Association Tournament. Unfortunately, the latest news about Greg are that he suffered another injury in 2014 and left Concordia for an indefinite period of time. Still they hope to see him back at CUW this year as he recovers