A sucker kick to the head in a sand ring!

There’s only one step from win to disqualification. 

Even when there’s a minimum of rules in a fighting tournament there will always be someone who’ll violate them. Russian MMA amateur tournament “Strelka” has not too many restrictions compared to “traditional” MMA. There are no time limits, no wins or losses by decision, no kicks to the groin, head butting, spitting – there’s not much to memorize, really.

But in the heat of the brawl an unexperienced fighter can forget even that. This video from “Strelka” taken in August, 2014, is a good example (skip to 0:50 to get to the fight instantly). We have two guys, both of them seem new to fighting: the distance they try to keep is way too long and the strikes and kicks are somewhat clumsy and inaccurate. At the time mark of 2:14 the blond guy whose nickname is “Skeleton” lands a solid kick to the body followed by the arm triangle choke attempt. The rocked opponent falls down and suffers a devastating kick to the head which puts him to sleep.

The first thought here is like “what the #### was he thinking anyway?” But as you watch how “Skeleton” grabs his head in despair, you realize he did it not because he is a badass but of a mere overexcitement and lack of experience.  Things like that rarely happen in pro tournaments, though Badr Hari and Remy Bonjasky could argue with that after their clash at K-1 Grand Prix Yokohama