Devastating backbody slam knockout!

Check the slow-mo replay to see all the details!

 If you try to find any info about David McClendon and search his name on internet, you’ll probably find quite a number of videos with this guy from Michigan taking part in amateur boxing or MMA bouts. Though the videos are numerous, McClendon is no Youtube sensation or MMA celebrity and the reason is simple and sad – he loses most of the fights. However, we came across a video where he wins and this win is very well worth watching, cause it is lightning fast and spectacular as well.

David’s opponent this time is his namesake, David Shuckerow (black trunks). As the bout starts, McClendon rushes for a takedown but doesn’t bring the fight to the ground as planned. The guys stand up, Shuckerow lands a knee and here’s the time for McClendon’s several seconds of glory – he lifts his opponent and before David Shuckerow could figure out what went wrong McClendon slams him to the mat with such a passion like he was carrying that burden everywhere for a year or so. The slam was so furious that David Shuckerow fell unconscious with no chance to continue the fight.

McClendon’s post-stoppage cage jumping may seem just a bit too freaky but as we already know, wins are rare in his fighting career. Rare but memorable and entertaining.