Powerful back body slam in superheavyweight bout!

Highly emotional post-fight interview comes as a bonus.

It’s always fun to watch bouts with fighters’ total weight reaching 500 lbs. mark or beating it. Superheavyweight fights are all about power and power is a corner stone of any combat sport, not meaning any underestimation of cardio, technique or dexterity. When MMA giants clash in the cage, it usually ends with a one-strike knockout or TKO, and you only need to type “superheavyweight” in the search string of our website to get at least four proofs:




4. GREAT 10-SECOND TKO of that.

Now this here is an absolutely different story. Ivory Stewart weighed 243 lbs. to the day of the fight which is, uhm, pretty much. But his starting dance all over the cage showed that he had paid some attention to his cardio during training sessions. What’s more important, that kind of deceptively chaotic dancing made Lopez lose his temper a bit. He attacked in a manner well known to anyone who saw a bar brawl between guys who had three or four pints of beer each.

Lopez’s strikes were not at all lucky and he showed no decent wrestling either. Ivory Stewart did just the opposite. Skip to 0:52 time mark to watch him slamming Lopez from high above – I thought for a moment Lopez was going to fall through all the way down to the center of the Earth. Joey went all in with a choke attempt but Stewart had no problem at all with escaping from it (he even found some time to remove his mouthpiece and tell the referee he was okay) and then – well, then he just put his right forearm on the opponent’s throat and pressed. This is one of the easiest ways to choke someone but Joey Lopez couldn’t resist it and tapped.

Probably, the terrible slam suggested to the guy the game was hardly worth it – the “wow, what did just happen?” look on his face is unforgettable.