A nerdy girl battles Muay Thai trainers!

Looks are deceiving!

              Everyone has seen a girl like that in a gym – slender and shy, with her glasses on, obviously not knowing where she’s at. What would you do if such a girl asked you for a brief sparring? Guess, your main problem would be not to hurt her too much – no punching and kicking, man, she looks like she can be dropped by a finger touch!

The new Muay Thai trainers in a Malaysian gym probably thought just the same when a girl you see in this video asked them for some practice in the ring. The guys were absolutely unaware of the fact that this nerdy creature is a pro Muay Thai champion Germaine Yeap who spent about six years on training. This fact is revealed in the opening seconds of the video as we watch Germaine threshing a punchbag, lifting heavy tires and doing all kinds of an intense and exhausting workout. Have to say, Germaine’s acting is just as good as her fighting – her image of a weak newbie is just so real.

Germaine Yeap started training Muay Thai in Coventry, UK. Her first trainer, Lakhvinder S. Madakhar said that she “had taken to training like a duck to water”. “She was one of those unique individuals that have the potential to become a great martial artist. She presented physical and mental qualities that would normally take years to develop and at times she was asked to hold back out of fear of seriously hurting her opponent”, Mr. Lakhvinder remembered in an interview. These days Germaine leaves in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) where she started learning BJJ under guidance of Bruninho Barbosa – does that suggest we are going to see her in MMA soon?