A little kid wins an MMA fight with a perfect armbar!

This boy has fighting in his blood!

What’s your first thought when someone offers you to watch a video which has words like ‘kids’ and ‘sparring’ in the title? Videos with little martial artists are very popular among the fans but they mostly gain views because they are either funny or emotional, you can hardly expect to see great skills, nsty punches, cunning submissions or anything else of the kind. This video here is different – it has almost everything you would like to see in a good MMA fight except maybe pompous walkouts, huge crowd and post-fight interviews with Joe Rogan.
Two kids are sparring in a gym and all we can say is a word of respect to their coach – both opponents try to show the best they have in their arsenal. A huge slam by the boy in blue didn’t discourage his rival who immediately rushes for a guillotine. Unluckily for him, he wasn’t able to secure it and another boy used his chance immediately, scoring a perfect armbar. And unlike many kids and teenagers who get too emotionally involved in the fight, he stopped it just in time, finishing the performance with a great back flip and greeting his opponent. We actually cannot find anything bad about the fight in the video – it’s fun to watch, quick and entertaining.
The sparring reportedly took place in Chechnya and it can be true – the Chechens, including their president Kadyrov, are obsessed with combat sports. However, some internet users claim that the kids live in Dagestan which is Chechnya’s neighbor. Anyway, you just have to look at any big promotion roster to see that all Caucasian natives have fighting in their blood.