A knockout pirouette in an amateur MMA fight

The fall was actually more artistic than the shot!

Chris Henderson from Virginia has three wins and no losses on his short MMA record. The amateur welterweight debuted on December 13 last year at VCFC Season Beatings defeating Trevor Weeks via rear naked choke in the opening round. His next, this time against Josh Campbell at VCFC Match Badness ended in the second round with a nasty knee knockout. The third win in a row became a fusion of the previous two – it was a knee knockout but it took Henderson only 59 seconds to end the fight.

Pirouette KO

Henderson faced Chris Gardner on September 26 at VCFC Danville Destruction in an exhibition welterweight bout. Gardner tried to bring Henderson to the ground and suddenly his opponent landed a huge knee to the head. The shot was devastating but it was the way Gardner fell down that made the whole thing a must watch. We don’t know what kind of a dancer is Gardner but that 360 degree pirouette would make Mikhail Baryshnikov envious. The Inside MMA hosts say it reminds them of WWE but no way, it’s the most choreographic fall we’ve ever seen in cage fighting.