A K-1 fight in Ireland ends suddenly with an enormous punch KO!

How did he get so bruised and swollen in only fourteen seconds?

You’re all wrong if you think Conor McGregor is the only Irish who knows how to knock people out fast and easy. The video of a devastating knockout landed at the main event of Cage Kings in Dublin shows where the promoters should look for a new Conor (not that we’re tired of the Conor McGregor we have now, though).
The winner is Keith Levins and the poor guy on the wrong side of the knockout punch is Karl McCallig. Fourteen seconds into the opening round Levins threw a sudden yet spectacular southpaw straight left H-bomb on McCallig’s chin. We have to say, McCallig held it really high and the target was too attractive not to hit it. McCallig crashed his face down to the mat and layed unconscious for several minutes while Levins celebrated his highlight reel win.
Surprisingly, Levins’ face was badly beaten, his left eye was swollen and the nose bled. The bout lasted fourteen seconds only and it doesn’t look like McCallig had the time and chance to inflict any damage on Levins.
The punch was dubbed the KO of the night and it also became a part of “Around the world” digest in Kenny Rice’s and Bas Rutten’s “Inside MMA” on AXS TV. That’s fully deserved, an awesome fight with an awesome finish.