A great knee KO in a WMMA bout

One of the most amazing female knockouts in MMA history

Stefanie Guimaraes may be not very well known to WMMA audience but that’s not because her lack of skill. She very well could be one of the top fighters if she wanted but her real passion is army service. Guimaraes’s life is a great example of going straightforward to the desired aim no matter what.
The Brazilian native moved to the USA in late 2000s following the advice of her friend and MMA fighter Jessica Agilar. And the first thing Stefanie tried to do was joining the Army. “My father was in the Air Force in Brazil, so I grew up with this way of life, so I want to join the Army here and be a soldier. Everybody told me I was crazy because there was a war going on, but I learn so much from my father about serving your country and discipline, that I really wanted to do it”, Guimaraes said in one of her interviews. She was turned away due to visa issues and switched to MMA. Stefanie’s debut at RFC 16 in 2009 vs. Nana Berto ended with Berto’s win by unanimous decision but that didn’t break her spirit – the same year she got into Bellator 12 fight card to fight against then 44-year old boxer Yvonne Reis. Reis’s significant experience didn’t work opposed to Guimaraes’s aggression – after a brief warm up and the shot exchange that followed, Guimaraes clinched her opponent around the head and landed a right knee blow to Reis’s head – Yvonne fell down unconscious as the referee hurried to step in and wave off the bout. What’s really said about that fight is the fact it was never broadcasted.
It seemed a great start for Stefanie to pursue her pro MMA career but this girl knew for sure what she really wanted. And that was not cage fighting but serving with the Army Rangers. She didn’t waste time waiting for the government permission for the ladies to join rangers and enlisted in Bravo Battery, 1st Battalion, 79th Field Artillery. When it was announced in September, 2014, that women are invited to apply for Ranger School she wrote on Facebook: “I can’t describe my happiness! It’s finally HERE the opportunity is set! Thank God!” The latest news about Stefanie is that she has completed combat medic, airborne and special forces training. She still has a picture of that knee KO as her Facebook profile cover though.