Crazy looking MMA fighter gets KO’d with a huge knee!

He needs to stop embarrassing himself in the cage and choose another hobby.

Things went all bad for Chad Sermon when he faced Brian Kerr in an amateur bout at Hardrock MMA 58 in Shepherdsville, KY, USA in November, 2013. In fact, these two have met before at Hardrock MMA 43, and though Sermon came out a winner in the first fight he was in the mood for revenge. The reason is, Sermon was actually knocked out by Kerr in the most brutal fashion but the shot was illegal. Sermon’s fight plan for the first bout was approaching his opponent squatted, one hand on the mat, so that he remained grounded according to the rules of MMA. Unfortunately for Sermon, this didn’t work – Kerr just forgot that kicking a grounded opponent in the head is illegal and landed a devastating strike to Sermon’s head. The referees disqualified Kerr and named Sermon the winner but he probably couldn’t even notice that as he was barely conscious at the moment.
Most of the fighters, if they suffered something like Sermon did, would quit. But this guy wanted to earn another victory which would not be a fluke and locked horns with Brian Kerr once again at Hardrock MMA 58. This time he didn’t act like a kung fu frog but was like… well, you better watch it, because it feels a little hard to find the suitable word. Even the referee couldn’t help giggling. Anyway, punk antics never help you when you don’t know how to fight – several seconds into the opening round Sermon ate a huge knee, this time absolutely legal, and collapsed on the mat once again. Fully deserved, we have to say.