A baseball bat choke puts guy to sleep in a second!

Lights out if you don’t tap fast!

A baseball bat choke, just like many other jiu jitsu techniques, was originally created as a collar choke. It’s quick, it’s hard and it’s absolutely devastating – if you get into a baseball bat choke trap you have to tap quick and early, otherwise you’re put to sleep when you don’t want to. The main thing about baseball bat choke is that it’s very powerful but it doesn’t take much power to perform, so you have to be very careful when practicing it or you are going to find yourself all alone on a dojo surrounded by sleeping partners.
This move is so useful for any level of competition that some judokas changed it a bit to make it fit for no gi tournaments. The video we offer shows just that. Sergio Helou from South Valley Jiu Jitsu performs a baseball bat choke in a no gi clash and his opponent faints while the referee stands aside absolutely unaware what’s going on. Fortunately, Sergio was in control of the situation and was quick to help his opponent, just as he was quick to choke him only seconds before.
Helou’s baseball bat choke earned him a moderate but valuable compliment from UFC’s hall of famer Tito Ortiz: “That was a good one”. Tito wouldn’t waste time on cheap talk.