7’2” Giant MMA Fighter Gets Knocked Out!

Bigger they are, the harder they fall

And Hong Man Choi fell quite hard. The 7-foot-2 South Korean giant, a former K-1 and DREAM fighter, took on 6-foot-1 Siala-Mou Siliga in an open-weight tournament final at today’s ROAD FC 33 event in Seoul.

In addition to the 13-inch height advantage, 356-pound Choi also had more than 60 pounds on his opponent. As if the physical differences weren’t jarring enough, the knockout blow provided further spectacle. Ultimately, 45-year-old “Mighty Mo” (10-5), a K-1 and Bellator vet, caught 35-year-old Choi (4-5) with a big right hand to force the first-round stoppage. Siliga also knocked out Choi in a 2007 kickboxing bout. His latest knockout wasn’t all that different from the first.