62-ear-old MMA fighter TKOs opponent half his age!

You wouldn’t like to put all your life savings on his win before the bout. And you’d be wrong.

A skinny old man, half-bald, with a thin ponytail, dressed more like just out of bed than in for a fight – that’s how ex-Green Beret Wayne Smallwood looked like after he entered the ring in Centennial Hall in Juneau (AK, USA). AK Beatdown is the main MMA show in southeast Alaska and one hundred percent charity event with all funds going to Juneau Combat Sports Academy (JCSA) where local kids, teenagers and adults learn and sharpen their combat sports skills.

Be it a professional tournament we would never see Wayne taking part in it. With all respect, promoters don’t consider people of such age as participants. Small events, organized with a family attitude, are different but nevertheless entertaining. Well, at least Wayne’s fight against 34-year-old Weeg Hewson sure was much fun.

Hewson threw a couple of head punches followed by takedown attempt, Smallwood resisted rather passively until both fighters got back on their feet again. Then came his turn to do a takedown which reminded me of the “Black Hawk Down” movie with Hewson playing the part of a shot down chopper. In general, most of the attacking actions were wasted by both sides, but at least the former GB showed he didn’t leave all his love for a fight in the past. What did his opponent show? The answer is nothing. For absolutely no reason he thought it would be wise decision to keep hands down (check it at 1:07) and stay like that until the end of the fight. Which came only seven seconds later, by the way. Wayne Smallwood did not notice Hewson’s low kick parody and first tested his jaw with a punch from the left. Then came a spinning backfist, from the left again, and KOed Weeg Hewson collapsed in the corner to the audience delight. A shell never hits the same spot twice, as we all know, but a fist can.

My personal favorite moment of this video is 2:08, when Smallwood greets his fans with a combo of knees and elboys. Man, if this guy was a part of the “Mortal Combat” videogame series, I would always choose him just to watch this.