5 Year Old Does Pushups On Bottles

These kids are simply unbelievable!

5 year old Claudio incorporates many different skills into his strength training and you can see the results at the end of the video. Claudio is a professional so please don’t try this at home if you’re thinking you’re stronger than a 5 year old. The good news is that this works best with large empty bottles so emptying those is something just about everyone much older than Claudio can accomplish.
Claudio Stroe, took to stunts and weight lifting when he was only two and a half. He lives at an isolated farm, he eats diet pasta and protein rich food, and trains for at least two hours on a daily basis under the guidance of his father, 35-year-old Iulian Stroe. Iulian, the former boxer, wants desperately to make his sons the strongest in the world. However, the father’s approach causes controversy even in his own family. According to “Daily Mail”, Iulian’s wife Ileana admits privately to being scared of her husband and his desires. And some doctors believe that intense training sessions can be more harmful than useful for a little boy who haven’t yet reached his puberty.